SELONDA connected to Retail@Link’s e-Invoicing Network

Athens, September 2016.

SELONDA S.A. implemented integrated EDI Interconnection Solutions provided by Retail@Link (Entersoft Group), aiming to automate the exchange of orders and invoices with its clientele in Greece and abroad.

Selonda, the world’s largest producer and supplier of fresh Mediterranean fish since 1981, connected to Retail@Link’s dynamically expanding B2B Network. The company opted for the R@L e-Invoicing & Ordering EDI solution, targeting electronic exchange of invoice and order files, & automated registration directly into its retail customers’ ERP systems and vice versa. Through the successful e-interconnection with its clientele, Selonda accelerated data exchange, by achieving safe, immediate & infallible registration from ERP to ERP, regardless the heterogeneity of each customer’s IT infrastructure. At the same time the company is able to expand electronic interconnections with every customer who similarly requires automating the importation of invoice or other EDI files directly into their systems, thanks to its provider’s B2B network, without roll-out effort.

Selonda was founded in 1981 and today is the world’s largest producer and supplier of Sea Bream and Sea Bass. Selonda collaborates with wholesalers of fresh fish and the largest Super Market chains, supplying the world market with two of the most popular Mediterranean fish in more than 25 countries in Europe and North America. It also employs about 1,100 people in Greece and has 55 modern marine farms, 14 packaging plants, two processing units, 6 hatcheries and one fish plant.

As stated by Mr. Paris Asimelis, IT Coordinator at SELONDA “ Our collaboration with Retail@Link, ensured – beyond the mutual benefits of EDI for us and our retail customers, that a single connection with our Service provider can deliver multiple electronic connections with our clientele, without cost, or additional operational or systemic changes. “