Retail@Link offers integrated Supply Chain Management Solutions to Mondelēz Hellas

Athens, January 2016.

 Retail@Link (Entersoft Group) implemented integrated Supply Chain Management Solutions in Mondelēz Hellas, to support the company’s e-interconnection with its business ecosystem and facilitate operations varying from the replenishment of its largest retail customers’ Central Warehouses, to the management of its accounts payables and receivables.

Retail@Link, the innovative B2B Provider offering a set of targeted Software a Service Solutions for the Retail and Food & Drink Industry since 2003, collaborates with Mondelēz Hellas the protagonist in the snacking and cheese market in Greece and a member of Mondelēz International, the global leader in the food market. More specifically Mondelēz Hellas applied the R@L CRP Service, for the electronic management of its replenishment operations aiming to cooperate effectively with buyers and ensure maximum service levels for optimal stock levels.  To further automate its operations, the company manages incoming and outgoing invoices digitally in order to significantly reduce archiving costs with the R@L e-Invoicing Solution. Moreover the company sends EDI invoice files, which are automatically and infallibly registered into its customers’ ERP systems eliminating manual data-entry. Finally to complete the digital management of Supply Chain Operations, Mondelēz Hellas applied Retail@Link’s R@L BizDoc Capture Solution, to digitize Proof of Delivery Documents, using OCR scanning and providing a 100% digital invoice file, as well as improved document management and better user experience for the company’s accounting department and its trading partners.

As stated by Mr. Athanassiou John, Customer Service & Logistics Manager at Mondelēz Hellas: “In Mondelēz we aim to continuously evolve our performance throughout the supply chain. Our collaboration with Retail@Link offered us the ability to automate time-consuming processes, enhance security and simplify our operations from stock replenishment to accounting processes. Our goal is to embark to a totally paperless supply chain in order to leverage benefits for Mondelēz, from our human resources and our business partners, to the consumer and of course the environment.”