MALAMATINA connects to Retail@Link’s E-Invoicing Network

Athens, November 2016.

MALAMATINA S.A. connected to Retail@Link’s (Entersoft Group) dynamically expanding e-Invoicing Network, targeting faster electronic delivery of its invoices and prompt & automated registration directly into its retail customers’ ERP systems.

For the last 4 generations, MALAMATINA is operating in the production & bottling of Retsina, currently distributing the prestigious brand in 37 countries. As part of its daily transactions with retail customers in Greece, the company issues and ships a large number of invoices, leading to excess data-entry efforts, as well as manual validity controls performed by its customers’ accounting departments. As part of the continuous development of the company’s operations and services to trading partners, MALAMATINA opted for the awarded solution R@L e-Invoicing EDI provided by Retail@Link, which eliminates manual efforts by automatically collecting, delivering and registering invoices from ERP-to-ERP, radically reducing administrative time for the company and its clientele, while enabling electronic interconnection with any additional customer who wishes to exploit the multiple benefits of EDI and Electronic invoicing.


From 1895 in Tenedos until today, 121 years later, the original Retsina Malamatina, is distributed at a worldwide level, produced and consumed at a yearly volume of more than 50 million bottles, keeping its tradition alive and making it even stronger, through constant technological innovation. Today, Malamatina’s bottling plant is one of the largest, while its wine factory in Viotia, Greece, is one of the most sophisticated in Europe – with 4 pneumatic presses able to accept 700 tons of grapes a day. Moreover the company currently modernizes and increases the capacity of its bottling facility in Kalochori, Thessaloniki while also significantly investing in the expansion of its distribution channel and export network.

As stated by Mr. Souvatzoglou Kyriakos, IT Manager at MALAMATINA:Our history & tradition at Malamatina, combined with continuous investment in new technologies and constant support of our trade relations, are three of the key ingredients to our successful operation throughout these years.  The fast and easy electronic interconnection with our retail customers, which supported the accelerated and enhanced in accuracy exchange of invoice-data, is a win-win solution that serves both us and our Super Market customers. Retail@Link supported our fast onboarding to the service while also offering opportunities for continuous expansion in the future.”