GOLDEN EGGS opted for Retail@Link’s e-Invoicing Network

Athens, February 2017.

GOLDEN EGGS S.A. implemented e-Invoicing EDI Solutions, provided by Retail@Link (Entersoft Group) targeting fast and reliable electronic exchange of invoices- receivables to collaborating retail customers.

GOLDEN EGGS, the leading Greek food-industry counting over 50 years of experience and expertise in the production of fresh-eggs with extensive presence in the Greek market, connected to Retail@Link’s dynamically growing e-invoicing network aiming to apply faster, error-free and automated registration of its invoices-receivables, and therefore, to eliminate data-entry effort and costs or its customers’ accounting departments. The company implemented the R@L e-Invoicing EDI solution provided by Retail@Link, which allows for fast electronic interconnection with collaborating Super Markets, without any interference with the existing back-end systems and regardless the diversity of each collaborating party’s IT set up, while offering unlimited roll-out opportunities.

GOLDEN EGGS was founded in 1996 by two of the largest fresh egg production companies, and today it represents the market leader, always offering the best quality to its consumers. GOLDEN EGGS owns units in Chiliomodi, Korinthos and Schimatari, Voiotia in over 400 acres, producing and transporting more than 300 million eggs a year. Since 2012 the company has renewed its cages (in accordance with the latest EU legislation) and produces all kinds of eggs using every farming methodology (Day, Organic, free-range, barn, with Omega 3 and eggs with less cholesterol, eggs enriched with vitamins, etc.). The aim of collaboration with Retail@Link, is to support the company’s business relations with its largest Super Market customers, through a secure digital environment which ensures accelerated operations and increased visibility and offers the opportunity to leverage benefits, since a single connection to Retail@Link’s Hub is able to provide unlimited interconnections with each retail customer, enrolled with the service (B2B Hub).

As stated by Mr Avraam Dadoros, IT Manager at GOLDEN EGGS S.A.: “ Our choice to opt for e-Invoicing EDI is fully aligned with our mission to constantly evolve the efficiency and effectiveness of our operations and to utilize innovative tools that offer tangible benefits to us, our business partners and of course the Greek consumer. Retail@Link was able to offer easy electronic interconnection with our customers, supporting the automation of our daily transactions and providing an easily expandable solution, without additional costs or changes to our infrastructure and systems. “