EURIMAC connects to Retail@Link’s e-Invoicing Network

Athens, 2016.

EURIMAC the innovative company specializing in the manufacturing of pasta products, connected to Retail@Link (Entersoft Group), to automate the exchange and registration of invoices-receivables to retail customers.

EURIMAC connected to Retail@Link’s rapidly expanding e-Invoicing & EDI network, aiming at the electronic delivery of its invoices and the automated registration of their content directly into each Super Market’s ERP system, without manual effort, delays or typing errors. The company opted for the R@L e-Invoicing EDI solution, which offers easy interconnection with its clientele without system or infrastructure limitations and continuous roll-out possibilities to Eurimac’s clientele at no additional cost.

EURIMAC is a joint venture company, the product of a strategic cooperation between the well-known Greek pasta company MACVEL SA and EURICOM S.p.a., an Italian group of companies producing pasta, flour and rice.  Since 1939 Eurimac specializes in the manufacture of own-label products and has invested heavily in the construction of a state-of-the-art pasta production plant, implementing the highest standards of quality and hygiene. The aim of cooperation with Retail@Link, is to support Eurimac’s commercial relations with collaborating Super Market chains, through a secure digital data-exchange environment that ensures well-timed service and increased visibility with multiple benefits, since a single connection to Retail@Link’s B2B hub, provides unlimited roll-out possibilities to the company’s commercial ecosystem.

As stated by mr. Pantelis Konstantinides, COO at EURIMAC:  “ At Eurimac we believe in the implementation of new technologies which support our operational development. Retail@Link supports us at rapidly connecting with our business partners and at achieving infallible invoice registration, consequently leading to shorter invoicing operations for our company and our customers. “