BakeHellas is now connected to the Electronic Invoicing network of Retail@Link

Athens, June 2017.

BakeHellas is a company that has a lot of years of experience in the production of professional frozen bakery & pastry products, is now dynamically connected to the developing B2B network of electronic Invoicing by Retail@Link (member of the Entersoft group) in order to automate the procedure of exchanging the business documents with its partners.

The company BakeHellas, has made significant investments in the creation of two modern facilities in Sximatari (Viotia) and are the most specialized production units of brebaked – prefrozen bakery products in Greece, while at the same time it has started an innovative range of consumer products bakery/pastry products, as well as a cash & carry range. As a result the big product range, the security systems that control the products and the philosophy of the executives of BakeHellas, guarantee customer satisfaction. Having a large volume of commercial transactions that is exchanged with its partners, where the time consuming procedure of manual printing of documents by the accounting department is required, BakeHellas decided to modernize the procedure of issuing & receiving of the documents, by applying the solution R@L e-Invoicing EDI by Retail@Link, which automates the whole procedure from the beginning to the end (collection, transfer, and data entry of sales documents) from ERP-to-ERP, without any manual interference. Moreover, the automated controls during the whole process, ensure the flawless & unobstructed flow of the procedure. An additional benefit for BakeHellas is that through this specific interconnection with Retail@Link, it has immediate access to the biggest and most developing electronic community of organizations, ensuring immediate roll-out και Return on Investment.
All the products of BakeHellas are prepares with the traditional bakery methods, having at the same time strict control of the materials used, high level of hygiene and security, as well as scientific staff and the certified quality system of ISO 22000:2005.

As mentioned by Mr Anastasios Hatzitheodorou, CFO on BakeHellas. “The innovation and modernization of daily procedures give us the possibility to focus on offering to our clients the highest quality products that abide by the strictest specifications. Our cooperation with Retail@Link on the R@L e-Invoicing EDI service is moving towards this direction in order to offer win-win solutions of additional value to our partners, through the “cyclical” exchange of orders-invoices, helping our business become bigger and more competitive.”