BRONZE Award @BITE Awards 2017 for the project e-Distributors Channel Management of Retail@Link implemented at Kri Kri

Athens, July 2017. Τhe successful implementation of the solution R@L e-DCM (e-Distributors Channel management by Retail@Link (member of the Entersoft group), in the information systems of the distributors network of Kri Kri received the BRONZE award, at this year’s Business IT Excellence Awards.

On Thursday June 27th , the BITE Awards ceremony 2017 took place at GALAZIO. During the ceremony, Retail@Link &  Kri Kri, received the  BRONZE award at the category Electronic Cooperation / Electronic Invoicing, for the project  R@L e-DCM where the automated collection & processing of the Sell-Out data of the distributors network is available real-time, through a continuously updated & fully automated Business Intelligence portal. The project fulfils the complex needs of the electronic collection & delivery of the sell-out data, without any implementation cost  or change of infrastructure  for Kri Kri and its distributors, offering multiple financial benefits in the cooperation, since the speed, credibility, quality and transparency of the sell-out data ensure a Win-Win-Win-Win cooperation with benefits at 4 dimensions (Kri Kri – Distributors – End Customers – Retail@Link) with mutual benefits of full visibility of the daily performance without any manual interference.

The implementation of the R@L e-DCM solution, offered measurable results for the decrease of the administrative cost and fully measurable data quality thanks to the automation of the distributors’ network. Today the monitoring of the sell-out data is done on a daily basis, where thanks to the BI portal both Kri Kri and the distributors network have full visibility from every electronic device for continuous improvement, while the rich statistical reports offered through the Retail@Link Online portal enhance the exchange of valuable data throughout the whole network.


As stated by Mr George Tsinavos, Sales Operations Manager at Kri Kri:  “The big bet of this ambitious project was the measurable progress in the speed of sell-out data collection that requires minimal human intervention thanks to the automation of the procedure that enhances the visibility in the whole network. Our cooperation with Retail@Link in the R@L e-DCM project enhanced through the innovative cutting edge technologies, the daily automated and reliable Sell-Out Data collection from the distribution network of every interconnected distributor, fully supplying Kri Kri and the whole network with an ultramodern communication hub, the Online Β.Ι. portal, through which we can achieve better targeting and faster service of the needs of the most important link of our supply chain – the end-customer.”