our history

Since 2003 Retail-Link is symbol for pioneering in the digital transformation of the supply-chain. Today we feel proud of our achievements and grateful to the people, business partners and customers who led us here; every year we strive to reward them by constantly challenging our limits and by offering access to the largest B2B community in the supply-chain through a single connection with our Hub, thus allowing for tangible added-value and economies of scale (a Connection that Counts). Our vision is to be the innovative provider of B2B interconnection services in the supply-chain, with dominant presence in the markets we are active in, ensuring sustainable development for us and our customers through an integrated and unique value proposition.

  • 2003


    Retail-Link is founded with a vision of becoming the cornerstone of digital evolution in the Greek supply-chain, as part of its operation as an independent application service provider. Our offering specializes in the exchange of EDI files and stock replenishment services through innovative e-collaboration models such as CRP-VMI. Our target audience mainly consists of large Super Market chains and their FMCG suppliers.

  • 2006

    entering the e-invoicing market

    With the liberalization of legal and fiscal constraints that made its application impossible up to that point in time, in 2006 Retail-Link enters the e-Invoicing market, offering secure transmission of electronic invoices while providing business training in order to support diffusion.

  • 2009

    acquisition by Entersoft Group

    Having already created a strong name, in November 2009 Retail-Link is partly acquired by Entersoft Group, further strengthening its position in the market and gaining access to the most modern technologies and software to accelerate its development.

  • 2011

    development of intergrated e-archiving solutions

    While the e-Invoicing legal framework keeps evolving with more favorable terms, Retail-Link develops a comprehensive e-archiving portfolio, offered on premise or on the Cloud and targeting a 360° service approach; from the electronic shipment of invoices, to their automated registration via EDI and their electronic filling in a digital archive.

  • 2013

    electronic signature certification-service provider - eett

    With the prospect of Tax Machines elimination in the Greek market, Retail-Link is the first e-Invoicing provider to enter the EETT registry of Digital Signature Certification Services. By successfully completing the electronic cycle of invoicing operations, Retail-Link dynamically expands its operation into new vertical markets and the public sector.

  • 2014

    from purchase - to billing

    By constantly investing in the development of enhanced automation in the supply-chain, Retail-Link enters the field of sales operations, by including a new family of highly competitive services in its portfolio; e-DCM (short for e-Distribution Channel Management) allows for real-time, sell-out data monitoring across a supplier’s distribution network, a service immediately exploited by the market’s blue chips.

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